GOH Al-Hadiye

An Arabian Stallion

Created by Deborah McDermott





I also have an Andalusian available. Click here to see him.



Shown with a quarter for scale

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The stallion is a customized Al-Hadiye artist’s resin. He is tiny standing approx. 2.5” high at his highest point. He is solid cast resin. His legs & tail are wire reinforced. The transformation of the Al-Hadiye resin includes the elimination of the bridle path, additional locks to his forelock and a lifted tail.

His coat was painted with only the finest artist's mediums. He was painted with oils first to give him a deep richness of color and onto which I added pastels and pencils in many thin layers. Lastly he was sealed with a matte finish and his eyes and nostrils were glossed.



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About the Artist


I am a sculptor living in So. California. Horse sculpture is my passion. Figures of horses have always filled my imagination. I strive to portray the horse as he is in my sculptures, beautiful, sensitive and powerful. Horses are intelligent and feeling beings. As a sculptor I observe the anatomy, movement and expressions of horses as well as their unique qualities that make each horse an individual.


There won’t be many painted horses coming out of my studio, but when I do offer a painted horse you can be sure that my whole heart has gone into it.






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