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July 28-30 2006 at Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. Hosted by Breyer Model Horses

Model Horse Jubilee!

October 27-29 2006 at Sheraton Fairplex, Pomona, Ca. Hosted by Stone Horses


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David's Dinosaur

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AM Ben Dream by Dreamazon+++

Dreamazon is one of my favorite Arabian stallions. Not only beautiful, he was the youngest horse to earn his Legion of Supreme Merit - and he did it barefoot with an amateur owner. His son the Arabian Am Ben Dream takes my breath away.


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Sculpted by Deborah McDermott and painted by Kathy McKenzie




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Horse Sculpture

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Plan on attending these model horse shows hosted by NAMHSA, Breyer Model Horses and Stone Horses for Collectors of Model Horses and Lovers of Equine Art and Figurines!



The North American Nationals 2009
June 26 - 28 at the Portland Expo Center, Oregon. The North American Nationals (NAN) 2009 is a national championship show for model horses. It is the largest model horse show. NAN attracts participants from around the globe. For live photos and show results click here: North American Nationals (NAN). Hosted by NAMHSA.



July 17 - 19 2009 at Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. Hosted by Breyer Model Horses. You are invited to join in the festivities at the 20th annual BreyerFest. It is the largest gathering of model horse lovers in the world! Breyer model horses hosts this weekend of model horse shows, model horse sales, artisan's gallery, seminars, contests, real horses, swap meet and shopping! Learn about real horses and the model horse hobby. Plus you get to meet some of the real horses that are honored as Breyer models! Hosted by Breyer Model Horses. Check out the Breyerfest Blog



June 12 - 14 2009 at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, California. Hosted by Breyer Model Horses at the largest and most comprehensive equestrian exposition in North America. Once in the gates, come down to The Breed Pavilion and enjoy Stablemates® painting, fun crafts and activities, model horse information, raffles, and a Breyer model display where you can be the first to see the newest Breyer product. Two great model horse shows, Open and Novice, are also available for additional fees.


Horse Sculpture by Deborah McDermott


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July 10, 2008

"Hundreds of trainers withdrew their horses from competition at a major Tennessee Walking Horse show last weekend after USDA inspectors arrived on the scene to examine horses for violations of the Horse Protection Act."


"In 1998, The Tennessean published several articles on the walking horse industry. They interviewed defectors from the world of soring and the big lick. Pamela Reband, a former TWHBEA director, admitted in print to "sanctioning torture for 30 years." -From the article Sore Winners by Andrew Lang, DVM

Hear Pamela Reband speak at the 2009 Sound Horse Conference



What is soring?

Read this article and find out:



Sound Horse Conference


Facts on the industry

Here are a couple facts from the above link:


Of the 54 Riders Cup Top Trainers named by the Walking Horse Report in 2007 ONLY 4 had NO SORING VIOLATIONS. The rest shared a total of 204 violations.



There were 15 HPA suspensions between the 13 honorees recently inducted into the Walking Horse Hall of Fame. One honoree had 6 suspensions. One honoree who had no suspensions was the organist.



"Matte Pulle of the Nashville Scene” in the October 29, 2003 edition, reports of an interview with a long time TWH trainer that ...  The USDA, which loosely monitors the industry, continues to cite successful trainers for soring-related infractions, including Bill Bobo, who won this year's World Grand Championship at the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration. Rhoads says that he recently walked into a barn of walking horses and saw 30 of them lying on the ground--a sure sign that they were in too much pain from the abuse to stand up.” - from



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