My first in a series of "mini me" editions

Mini Pearl

I am happy to introduce my first mini me edition, new mini editions with a bit of a twist. The twist being that I won't be shrinking my traditional scale models, I am going to reduce customized versions instead. Shown painted for example only. These resin editions are available in unpainted artist resin.


Shown painted for example only


Sculpted and painted by Deborah McDermott. The original traditional scale "GOH Pearly Mae" shown here is a customized Persuasion resin and the model for the new Mini Pearl!



Available in two different scales


3.5 inch Mini Pearl Edition

This unpainted artist resin edition is limited to only two molds. Approx. 150 casts.

Available in my Etsy store


5.5 inch Mini Pearl Edition

This unpainted artist resin edition is limited to only one mold. Approx. 75 casts.

Available in my Etsy store

GOH Pearly Mae was scanned using the latest 3D laser technology and reductions were produced in two different scales. Mini Pearls will be available in both a 5.5 inch curio scale and also a 3.5 inch mini scale comparable in size to Breyer Stablemates and my own Al-Hadiye resin. No other resin editions will be offered. Sorry, no traditional scale resins will be offered.





Edition Details

GOH Pearly Mae is a resculpted Persuasion resin. Many changes were made from the original during the evolution of her creation. Her head has been modified to make it a bit more typey and then turned, her neck has been shortened and reshaped, her ears have been flicked back, she has a new flipped tail, her mane has been modified and more tendrils were added and finally her base now has a sandy desert footing.












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